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The Top 5 Reasons A Small Business Should Hire An SEO Firm

The Top 5 Reasons A Small Business Should Hire An SEO Firm

As technology progresses, so do marketing tactics. There was one point when marketing involved getting as many people as possible to see your product. Then the internet came around, and it was discovered that the traditional marketing techniques didn’t work as well. Certainly, you could buy ad space on websites. But people created ad blocker programs, which rendered ads completely useless.

Luckily, marketing evolved. It was discovered that search engine optimization, or SEO, was an excellent way to market. The idea became that instead of trying to get as many eyes as possible to see your ads, it was better to target your website towards people who were looking for specific products. There are some ways to make this happen, from the proper use of keywords to link sharing.

There are some people who think that only large companies should bother with a professional SEO firm. Professional SEO can get expensive, after all. And a small business probably won’t get all that much benefit from SEO tactics. Most small business customers are local, so they wouldn’t use the internet to look for a shop.

That couldn’t be further from the truth. The real truth is that a small business can benefit quite a bit from a professional SEO firm. How? Here are five reasons:

1. Most Searches Are Local

As internet usage has become more common, people have begun using it for more and more things. Whereas they once may have used the internet only for fact and trivia searches, these days people use the internet as a replacement for phone books and magazines.

This means that when someone is looking for a local business, they’re more likely to check the internet than any other source. Most people don’t use phone books, and most people don’t read magazines or newspapers anymore, either. But they use the internet. So if they’re looking for a plumber in their town or a shop that sells clothes, they’re going to head straight to Google. Hiring a professional SEO firm like this SEO Expert in Portland can help you get that business.

2. Reach More Markets

Another thing an SEO firm can do is help your business reach markets you might not have considered. Unless you’re a trained marketer, you may not realize how many different markets your company can service. A trained marketer, however, has a much better grasp of the things that can be done in that realm.

This means that an SEO firm like this¬† can help you reach people you hadn’t thought of as customers. This will increase your customer base, thus bringing in higher profits.

3. Save Money In The Long Run

Hiring an SEO firm may seem more costly than more traditional marketing tactics. It’s true that you may have to pay a bit more upfront than you would with buying newspaper and magazine ads.

However, SEO tends to be self-sustaining. That is, once you get SEO correctly set up, it will continue to be functional without much in the way of additional work. You won’t have to worry about paying an ongoing, monthly fee the way you would with traditional marketing.

4. Easier To See Results

One of the biggest problems with traditional marketing is that it’s impossible to judge what’s working. Sure, you can tell that after buying a newspaper ad, you saw an increase in business. But it’s difficult to gauge whether it was the newspaper ad itself, the day that the ad ran, or one of a hundred other variables that brought in the business.

With SEO, you can more specifically gauge what worked and what didn’t. The various SEO tactics and programs keep count of where people come to the website from. That way, you can tell what keywords bring people to your site. You can tell whether it’s one site or another that gets the most views. This information is incredibly important when you’re trying to judge how and where to adjust your marketing tactics. SEO simply gets rid of a significant amount of the trial and error that’s part of traditional marketing.

5. Lets You Run Your Business

Let’s face it. You didn’t go into business to be a marketer. You want to run your business and worry about serving your customers. What you don’t want to do is spend hours a day dealing with proper marketing. You don’t want to worry about whether or not your marketing is working. You want to be able to set it, and forget it.

Hiring an SEO firm can take care of that problem for you. When you hire a professional SEO company, you can rest assured that you have top men and women doing your marketing for you. That way, you can sit back and do what you’re best at.


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